Saturday, September 6, 2014

Just an old Marine that knows how to drive a tow truck and yap on the radio


As I get ready to truck up to Ogden to the bunk house yet another night, I go , knowing its very temporary. I got in touch with Elisa, have my new place pegged, bank account restored and will be getting things in gear on Wednesday to relocate. As bad as I want to remain in the Sullivan Hollow Ward area, the fact is circumstances will not permit,. One thing that the Roomy, the Bishop and all ask is, what am I good at, simple, I’m a Confederate Marine that just happens to own and operate and drive a tow truck, fix aircraft, and yap on the radio. Most of it is even simpler put than that, I’m a GED graduate, that knows how to turn a wrench and because of the realization that true honesty is not possible in today’s world, I do a lot of my activity outlaw,. Sorry, but if your completely honest and do the right thing, you get your heat gas turned off and you’ll surly get tube steak boogie thank you up your six.

Not sayin its right just sayin that’s the way it is. Get what you can from who you can get it from, and don’t care much about who you have to step on to get there. God calls it perseverance , I call it getting just dues.

Now then there is the real difference in people. First I don’t cotton much to tree hugging, health food freaks. Get out and live, sure getting a belly, and all is bad, but hey, just don’t eat more than one and cut back on the fries, that A&W does better than McDonalds. Your only here for a maximum of 80 years plus or minus 10 years, by the time you get to your 50’s or 60’s, you’ve accomplished all your about to anyway, so what if clogged arteries kills you? What are going to live longer for? To continue on a diabetic lifestyle that diabetes is going to kill , or blind you anyway. If I can punch out of lifes cockpit a bit early so what? I go home to Heaven with Mom & Dad.

The radio station is now a reality, the toew service is getting in line to be numero uno priority in a few months through 2015. Once that’s where it needs to be, I’ve done it all, seen it all, lived it all. I’ve like a prince and will die a poor person, but I’ll go knowing I am going from Idaho, to Tennessee to get buried. Am I going to meet and live with the dream honey of my dreams? Most likely not, at least here in Yankeeville.

My new roomy disgraced myself and what used to be my home pad. Taking down my flag was the top of the fireheap. You don’t do that in a Confederate home. And oh yes, I hate Jeopardy. That damn show got boring years ago.

Again , Jeopardy elevates the geek level a bit, but I can’t stand, geeks .


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A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.
--William James
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