Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Where nose met toes in nylon hose, but that’s not the complete picture

stinky truth toew notes

In the beginning, getting a wiff of some gals hooves was not something I treasured. After all few like to lap up sweat.

How I got started down that path was back in 1984, I was residing in the grand town, now a major city, called Eagle Idaho. I was kicking back watching TV and this ad came up for some plumbing outfit can’t remember its name , but the sales rep was Lane Betancourt of KPVI 6. On that ad this plumber responded to this rich snob hill gals house to unclog her commode. The end of the ad had this rich hussey that was of moderate looks, and this plumber kissed her hand while she sat upon this fancy black marbled vanity, gold fixtures and all, the exit tag went something to the effect,

“We treat ALL of our customers as Royalty.” About a year after I was watching this movie while tending a members kid, and it was Cinderella. You know that ends where the prince puts on the glass slipper on Cinderella's foot. So I conjured in my brain, a concept. Met with my towing crew and said I got this idea for a great TV ad, get a honey that looks like sweet Daisy, broke down in her jeep on the outskirts of Hazzard breaks down and calls good ole Cooter(ME) to the rescue, at the end of the ad have the model sitting on the Dolly wheels of LexiBelle>LEXI IN GREEN and I give her TOES a sweet gentle smooch. The thing at the end or tag went we LUV toes only later smushed together as TOEWS.

That’s how it started, little did I know , something so innocent would be seen as so over the top sexually. Guess one has to be a woman to understand cause I don’t.

The simple shot , though I have used as a sort of test. If a new hire like one yesterday, that kept me in the office two hours later than I wanted, but if a new hire visual and especially on air intern or talent, who can just walk in, wearing hose, that can stick her peds in my face then that’s the kind of talent that no matter the gig, will at least try. Why is this important?

Let’s imagine a new hire especially a on air, goes to a major event for a live broadcast, beit, the Midwest Truckers Show, The CTTA show in Reno, or even Sturgis and some burly driver, or ryder comes up to our talent and asks to get a shot with her beside his ryde or truck, or aircraft, and he puts his arm around her, if she can’t do a toe kiss, she’s not going to be able to do the pic by the truck with the burly trucker, aviator or biker.

So why focus on this ? I wish I would have invented the idea, but here it is. Somebody once connected the two words TOE and TOW together with us in towing. That person decided to put together a newspaper style free paper called Phoote(foot)Notes. Later Truck Trader bought the publication , and renamed it TR FootNotes. Not to be outdone, we took the cb slang term for tow truck (Hooker) put it with Highway, and from my original handle to light the candle of me going towing, and in 1989, to go with our radio show by the same name, Highway Hooker PhooteNotes came out in print form. Of course our Nurse GoodBody, always was there to parade her toes under my nose and elsewhere in hose. Her only question at the first audition was, pantyhose or stockings? I asked is there a difference?

Why the nylons? When CBS was assembling the cast for the Dukes-of-Hazzard, Daisy surfaced with her jean shorts. CBS censors said too much bare leg. The workaround was she put on super thin, nylons. So in tradition we do it. Further, nylons on a gals legs looks much better than bare legs. Compare the idea with trucks. You can have a truck with painted steel wheels looks okay, you put chrome wheels on that same truck you just upped the looks of that truck, same goes with a gals legs in nylons, or not. Bare legs are out, leg coverings are in and its about time , as some legs are better covered than others.

Okay last night was the premier episode for season 7 of Sons of Anarchy. Now I don’t know what the problem is with Comcast’s satellite download of channel FX, here but Son’s kept getting stuck. It was as though the little eye ball of Comcast here on the ground, could not see that satellite delivering the show from FX. Its not just last night either, this has been going on for weeks. You’d think the techs at Comcast would do some fixin. But its frustrating to be into a scene and the content breaks down because the signal path gets broken. Thing was there was no clouds in the sky last night.

That said, Juice was found out and now hides in Jax’s ex’s house, I thought Jax was going to come unglued when she showed up with Gemma. Then Jax cutting the nuts off that Jap at the end this is going to be an even more aggressive and powerful last season. soa

Well need to get on air, and oh yes club members to answer that burning question, do I think the gal that was interviewed last night here to return? Not really, hope so, but I think I put her off with the toe thing. What gets me is, though its such a minor thing. Its not something we do every night on air, its not something that we make the main topic every show, its one of a million. We do much more, but it always becomes that one tiny comedy bit, that everyone centers on, its called , Grow up.


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