Friday, September 12, 2014

Don’t seem to matter one bit

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Don’t seem to matter one dang bit. The old yapping of how much more applicants and all we would get if we moved into an office and all is pure bunk.

The one I thought might be a good solid possible, decided that getting a promotion, from Manager of a tanning salon, was better than the $30.00 to $50.00 an hour she could have made here. Then there’s the gal from Farmington.

I tried as hard as heck to drift back in on Thursday to visit with her, but duty to towing called in Montana to drag back some heavy equipment and do 4 recovery jobs up there in the snow so I went, by today Friday at noon I was socked, so I slept, only to awaken to eat then head back to the rack. Just at 18:00 hours(6:00PM) I drove down, and only that because as okay as he is the new roomy and I are not a real match, I had to pay out my last $100.00 but so far ain’t seen nothing except payment on the power bill.

Bottom line looking at moving this gig back to the house, and bringing it up to boil a bit more , before transplanting it back into either Idaho or Wyoming.

I don’t think this gig is in the right neighborhoods. Seems as though we had the hecklers and hindrances in Idaho as well, but if I’m to run this by myself, it might as well be where I’m comfortable. Besides I have yet to find any gals that’ll take it seriously enough to put sufficient time into it. Which is a wonderment. Think of it this way, If your making maybe $40.00 an hour cutting hair, and all you might take away $25.00 an hour after taxes. When if you did modeling projects with us 3 times a week at $100.00 with most shoots lasting 8 hours that’s just over $9,000.00 a month. Yet nobody female at least in Utah, steps in. Amazing ain’t it? So why even try? But I have some other avenues to pursue, before I can the office. If they fail, then it’s time to lick the wounds and head back into Idaho.

Office or the RoadHouse, as far as gaining new on air talent, don’t seem to matter one bit.


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