Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just what would that look like, what would it be like?


At Dinner earlier this evening, Mike one of our members after we got done ratchetjawing about my new roomy and his backstabbing ways. Feels like I’m Paul being attacked by the Gentiles. But we got to ratchetjawing about the movie Private Parts which is a autobio of premier radio jock Howard Stern. In that movie it was centered on having sex , all the time. Even to where this honey bared it all in the studio, and was ready to go all the way with Howard in the studio. For my money I’ll bet that was in the movie just for dramatic effect. As I don’t see some hot gal coming into say my studio and duplicating the act or acts as it were.

But after Mike and I got done chowing down, and I trucked back into the studio I got to pondering, just what would I do if say one of the applicants for interns or the like, decide to strip down and get it on. I remember this one seatcover in Twin Falls was rather insulted that I said no. Much of that refusal came from Uncle Charlie, who told me about undercover gals working for the local heat(cops) up there, doing bait projects , executing such maneuvers. They go in really warm up to somebody and about the time you unzip, it’s the cops barging in. But in the case of Twin Falls, might have been, might have just not been, but I wasn’t taking chances. I will never take advantage of a situation, but if it were offered, genuinely , how would I react? First I’d most likely have a coronary. If some where in an interview or shift session, some gal got all hot and bothered , and climbed on old Harley and decided to ride. Or at least try speaking into the tube mic. Second my brain would hemorrhage since it would overload.

In all the years of radio I have only had twice in my studios where it could have happened, but I wisely withdrew.

Look for that as well in our video bio for the club that includes the station and network. The script is just getting the wrinkles out. Problem in the movie of the club, we’re going to have go out of state to cast everything. Did you or have you noticed as much as hungry as Utah is for income it swats in the face, anything that is unorthodox or at least on the border of kinky? Not many pictures are being shot here, or if they are the production companies are bringing their own people. I’d love to find out who produces those Carl’s Junior ads. Why can’t we find gals in Utah that will do that hot spice style of ads.

But I digress and get off topic. What would it Look Like if I got licked up or bred in the studio, I have no idea, but I’m willing to find out.

its; at 01:00 hours.


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