Monday, September 1, 2014

Don’t just Like it, support it, dig out your wallet

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Liking a page or group on facebook without really supporting the cause from which the post was created for or from, is just fronting. Yes you say you like the Page or group, but why not do something exotic? Dig out your wallet or checkbook, read the blog and you’ll get the address and contribute to that cause. While most groups generate okay money from within as well as locally in this era, nobody has quite enough money, to being able to combat the corruption and evils, that many Facebook pages are created for.

Example, the Knytes has several pages and groups on facebook, mostly for members and supporters, but we have one real political page. The United Confederate States-of-America page. The UCSA is a real organization, in competition but at the same time in agreement of and with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We accept all who support the idea that its time to give the boot to the current Yankee way of Government and the throwing out God and Church in favor of do it all today as it’ll be gone tomorrow attitudes. The USA is suffering. However the SOCV while a great organization, is a bit prudish themselves. Even if you were Not , born in the deep south, but spent time there, or have kin there or ancestors there, you should be able to explore your southern roots, and heritage. Likewise an organization that has a VERIFIABLE phone number and a VERIFIABLE address. Not a P.O. Box or a phone number that only runs voice mail, that no one ever replies to.

I don’t know how many times I have called the SOCV on the phone, the John Coffee Camp and others and found no answer, on that phone. Leave a message? To date not one simple response. That will not happen with the UCSA movement. You call, email, or drop by the office, you will find SOMEONE here and will get a knowledgeable reply to your inquiry. But that’s all getting off topic.

It’s like Rebecca Miller’s page for moving over for tow truck drivers. A good thing, but has any of you ever said, hey Rebecca, would you like a few $’s in the cash stash to continue what your doing?

Same thing with the UCSA movement, I see at least 4 new people who like our page, but has any one of them said, hey there Wolf, how about us sending you $100.00 in support of the cause? Nope never see that.

The best thank these days of people and or groups on Facebook, is denaro . If you REALLY LIKE it send em a check for the effort, or don’t just say you LIKE it, because, if You REALLY like it, you’ll support it, dig out the checkbook.

More on the McDonalds intelligence thing next time, but I just had to get that off my chest.


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A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age.
--Robert Lee Frost
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