Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Greetings from the junk yard

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Greetings from the junk yard. I was awakened from a needed sleep session, by ye ole landlord. Now granted I was behind $350.00 , but what is the new roomy paying? Apparently nothing. Or damn little. Looking over the last two months, what I should’ve done, is told the new roomy a no, and on the 1st of September here taken the rent money and moved here to Bountiful. But no, I saved the damn place in Ogden. Mostly because of a great LDS ward, as well as some great neighbors across the street. Andrea and her husband are the greatest people one can ever know. They have made a stranger namely me, feel like family. Tragic as it is I guess I’ll have to move unless I can cough up $350.00 either from my great neighbors, or the church.

This however is a conspiracy , between my new roomy and landlord. Both have been trying to give me the boot for a month. Looking back, as I said, I should have just not accepted the roommate offer from Greg, and did it on my own, but after awhile you get to the point you need to say, why bother?

This is why I kept the office at least on the surface, as I at least have a place to roost until I find another place if infact I need to.

So I’m scrambling.

I just hate people who you try to trust, that come into your house and then backstab you. Something to mention. The roomy says, when he moved in that he was not going to pay back bills that is not his responsibility. Thing is that’s the idea of a roomy to pay me, so I can pay back bills regarding the house.

Let ya’ll know Monday how it all turns out.

Got a couple of things in the wind, so not yet in a panic


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