Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hazzard Ayre 5 Life in Idaho continues but its COLD!!

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Life in Idaho continues albeit it being extremely cold. in fact its at a whopping 7 degrees outside. Went to get in General Jackson Friday night, but its so cold the moisture we had the previous day , froze the locks and doors on the old P-51 so no go. So had to wait until yesterday afternoon, with some sunshine, warming up some metal to unfreeze albeit barely the doors.

Some question my abilities and skills although , those that do, know little about me personally. There are some that assume based on heresy rather than actual fact, or facts. Even questioning the existence of the Knytes or the AyreWolvez. The facts are while I did not get the ability to serve as I’d have liked to, My step brother did who is still listed as MIA/POW, without any more contact from D-O-D, my Mother served, my Father served and I serve through them. Its because I know the sacrifices and all that all in and who were in the U.S. Armed Forces, that many return home without any kind of thank you, that even their continued service goes un noticed and the lack of both respect and honor all military deserve, is why I continue to fight for and because of them work , long hours to memorialize, their service. The ones who fly and flew for the defense and duty to this Union is one area, that looses some luster or something. While there are some memorial walls, and some military aviators are listed on those walls, very little is done to honor those who proudly wore and wear wings as their specialty in those Armed Forces. When the AyreWolvez was constructed in 2001 it was to not only give those with a love of those old warbirds and rotor craft that carried many into battle, and back out, but honor those who flew those aircraft, and have a place where all who were and are effected a place to vent emotions, both good and bad.

As far as my ability to fly, I hold a sport experimental certificate for rotor craft as well as fixed winged aircraft. Likewise , I’m working to get my overall GA certificate and rotor craft endorsement. The only reason my cousin Gordon is the CEO of AyreWolf Aviation is that he has the GA, but the company was started by my Father, and as such, through inheritance I own the company. The only reason the company has never been brought back to Idaho, is that there is not one hangar in Idaho to be had, and the business conditions of Idaho , has left allot of questions as to a real reason to build a facility. Likewise until I loose 70 pounds I’m grounded , but I still turn the wrenches and still manage the company.

As far as my continued Military service, I proudly claim the rank of Colonel in the United Confederate States Marines, and fight for all military and their families. Especially for those who flew and fly, in the American Armed Forces.

Next edition,

KDXB still on track.

As for me still down with the flu, so meds and bed for me.

L8R Aviators,

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