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HazzardAyre 6 When it comes to the Web, consider the Environment

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Back in the day, when ye ole CB Radio was a hot item, there used to be , what I will call big Burtha’s and Bubba’s who sat at home in homes that stunk rancid with cat piss, baby piss, and hardly cleaned vaginas. These people would sit on these CB radio base stations, chatting the night away and most of the day. Many were underemployed if employed at all, many were drunks, and drug bunnies and stoners. Their homes would be ran down, mostly inhabited by mice, some smugly looking dawg, paint peeling from the outside, stucco falling off on the inside, and a few cavities from the often putting a fist or head in the wall, but the prized room sat ye ole CB, and outside an antenna that would rival many at most military ayre stations. There were of course those that thought they knew something about many things and yet knew less than that. Many loved to pick fights on the CB , thinking that they were unfindable and if you did, when they opened the front door to greet you, you fell over backwards from the stench. These same people would deny it was them, but YOU knew it was.

Today the CB has been replaced by the home desk top computer. And of course the Web, and Internet. In both cases its still people with little self respect, self worth and feel the need to degrade anything or anyone, that they don’t understand or criticize those that they are jealous of or envious of. People with a life, full of vigor and beating the odds.

Near where I exist is the town of Mountain Home. Many there, although I can’t understand why, seem to have little to nothing better to do than harryass ye ole Wolf here, and of course derail the Knytes and/or the AyreWolvez. Now as back in the day, with the CB , the same dillweeds in MHI, couldn’t do it and never will. The other day , I hauled past the pissyassed medium sized town the county seat of Ignore County Idaho, and amazingly the same bucketmouths that were there years ago, are still ratchejawing on the CB today.

I remember once years and years ago, when one of those same fat whores and his really dingy son, as the gal looked more like a guy than woman, got into a pissing contest with Bro. So us in the Knytes went on a rabbit hunt. A rabbit hunt for CB radio, has to do with using a directional antenna, and signal tracer to find heavily powered CB base stations. We found that location next to a old Shell Oil gas station where the bus stopped back in the day next to a Taco John’s. Now few knew this then, but a heavy sewing needle pushed through coax cable until it hits the inner connector shorts out the antenna, causes refraction to the finals in the high powered base station and for all intents KO’s that base station, we did, it did, and big mouth got silenced. Several others had the same happening, likewise before the Ignore County Sheriffs Drug Cartel, took hold, We caused several of the druggies from MHI, to be locked up for good. The funny thing is, in 1975 when the Knytes staged our first CB Radio/Truckers Jamboree I got the hots for some hot blonde from MHI by the handle of SweetSkunk. I saw her once , when the bus stopped at the same Shell station, when I went into the Marines, on the way to the Affees station in Boise. I tried to look her up when I got my first leave , just out of basic, but never did find out where she went. Funny thing for some disbelievers, that one that some say never served, I know and went through so much in the Marines, huh?

Now then, where was I? Oh yes, so back then it was the CB , today, its the PC and Web, but little has changed.

Oh don’t get me wrong, the web and PC can and is a great marketing , information and research tool. But also, there are so many things that are and were BEFORE the home PC and Web , that many things are unfindable. Just because its not online, does not mean it wasn’t or didn’t happen. Just means no one decided to get it online. Example; the Independent Truckers Association. The first organization SMB owner operator OTR truckers, has very little if any history online. Yet up until the time the organization folded just after the 1982 nationwide strike of independent long haulers, and the ITA became the United Independent Truckers Association, that is the main parent group of the Knytes of Anarchy and the AyreWolvez, and yet little 411 is available on line about the original organization. Even though the ITA, originally called the RoadMasters was the founding body of the then main printed bible to OTR O/O trucking, Overdrive Magazine. Something that began the need for us in the Knytes to find sweet hiney to pose with custom as well as just released OTR trucks, for a tasteful and classy centerfold. Mike Parkhurst the founder of both the RoadMasters and ITA as well as Overdrive, and later a short lived publication called Stacks, that we later relaunched as STAXX , was a man of both vision and real guts. Yet online , you find little if anything on him or the organizations. Of course when Mike sold out , to Randall Publishing , the publication Overdrive took a nose dive, with a slight attempt at reviving with a retro web site, but Overdrive will never be what it was. Of course OTR trucking itself has changed, its no longer the realm of long haul cowboys, today’s OTR truckers are men and women, with a feeling of pride and a can do attitude. Likewise us in toewing, are no longer the guy sitting on the overpass in sleeveless T shirts, unshaven , waiting to pounce upon the little old lady with the near broken down Ford Falcon. Today its trained, educated , professionals, with expensive equipment ready to respond and do a job, that few can or are willing to do. In toewing , the profession is more than a job , for many of us its more than a way to make a living, whether in old skool equipment, or those in multi thousand dollar trophy rigs, toewing is a passion and has its own rewards. I feel lucky that I trained with and learned from the best in the business.  Remember, success is not achieved in a vacuum , your only as good as the people you work with and for, I feel blessed that I have been surrounded by the finest in the business. From Tommy at T-N-T and B&W Towing in Boise, to John Nausbaum of Johnny’s Towing in Twin Falls, to now with Chuck at A2J, of Twin Falls.

I wonder do people online, have no other life besides being online? If so that is pitiful.

Next Edition more on this and KDXB , the last several years taught me to quit whining, grow a set of steel balls, keep my feet on the ground but reaching and achieving the stars and beyond. For those that can’t or those that gave up after 9-11, there is an organization that can help you get there. called: yeppers, The Knytes-of-Anarchy.

L*8*R Confederates,

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